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In the programmers’ world “Hello World” has long been a tradition. The new programmer’s induction into a myriad of programming languages. Therefore it is a widespread practice of starting a blog with it! Brian Kernighan actually wrote the first “hello, world” in C Programming Language. His first referenced it in a tutorial introduction to the Programming Language B published in 1973.

Simply this to welcome you on board, we will discuss different categories, travel specials and travel Africa. The “Specials” will bring you any deals we can find, whether last minutes, specials on new properties, most of all anything which has a strong value for money factor. While the “Travel Africa” category will talk about  trends, new properties, coming up destinations, Do’s and Don’ts, well any tips and tricks about traveling in Africa!

Should there be any topics you want us to talk about, please, feel free to ask and we’ll start a new topic about it! Giving you the opportunity to talk and share it with others. Therefore you should not hesitate, take part blog with us!

Ultimately we also would want to discuss Travel Industry issues, whether private or public sector related. We are sure there is a lot to talk about, especially relevant to policies, destination management, sales & marketing, social media,  products and business development in the Travel Industry! Well anything you want!

As a result this blog and its different categories are yours, the more you interact and contribute to it!

Happy reading and happy blogging!

Consequently the Africa Travel Blog says “Hello World” and good luck to it!