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Serene Tours DMC Africa Travel & Safaris, your Africa Travel Specialist. Nobody but us, will show you Africa they way we do!

We also would like to draw your attention that we are still adding to content to this website. Although it is online, as days goes by we are adding up more and more pages. Please come back regularly as we are building this awesome website just for you!

Africa Travel Map
Africa Travel – Map

Why Serene Tours DMC Africa Travel & Safaris as your Africa Specialist?

Most of all we want to share with you our love of Africa, hence to leave you with lifelong lasting memories! Serene Tours DMC Africa Travel & Safaris’ team has years of combined experience and travel throughout Africa at your service. Why don’t visit our Guests’ Testimonials pages?

Your personal experience, our professional expertise, just for you and just to make you want to come back and discover more of this magical continent, maybe the last Eden on Earth!

Africa Travel Ethiopian Tribes
Africa Travel – Ethiopia – Picture: P.Mannaerts

Travel to Africa? Simply ask the Africa Specialist!

Is this your first time in Africa? Where will you start, how do you want to get organized, which countries do you want to visit? In addition to a safari, do you want to do a gorillas trekking and beach extension? Are you ecotourism orientated? Maybe just voluntourism? Or would rather want some adventure travel? or yet a simple beach holidays? Well, destinations in Africa are many, Eastern Africa, Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. A lot of places to visit and activities even more, therefore Serene Tours DMC – Africa Specialist’s team is there to guide you and help you select and book the journey you want. Your journey to Africa!

Africa Travel Masai Mara River Zebra Crossing
Africa Travel – Mara River Crossing

Best Time of the year to Travel in Africa?

First of all it depend on the destinations in Africa. But pretty much the all year round, from climbing Kilimanjaro, or lazing on a Tropical beach of the Indian Ocean along the Coast of Africa, or gazing at wildlife in the African savannah! As a result there is always a place and a right time throughout the year in Africa! So, why don’t you just ask the Serene Tours, your Africa Specialist or simply visit our Travel Guides section?

Africa Travel Madikwe Hills Lodge
Africa Travel – Madikwe Hills Lodge

Start your journey now!

If you want to know more, please feel free visit the Itineraries section on this website, and / or simply get in touch through our Contact page. One of our Africa Travel Specialists will revert to you with a Travel proposal in no time!

Don’t forget to visit our Blogs, you will find there a lot of stories about traveling in Africa and last minute travel specials. And to make you dream a little go and check out our Gallery!

Karibuni Africa Kwetu!

About Us


East African DMCs – Safaris Tour Operators

Serene Tours is a small group of Destination Management Companies, Safari and Tour Operators based in East Africa, with offices in Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar with its head office in the USA.

In addition to the Serene Tours companies, we have agreement with local partners, hotels, lodges, tented camps, resorts and other services suppliers, for your benefits.

As a result we can provide you with regional flights, ferries and ground handling throughout Africa and beyond. Hence, avoiding intermediaries we can offer you with a wide range of services from safaris, beach extensions, wedding, events and incentives. And therefore remain extremely competitive with an outstanding value for money!

Serene Tours DMC Africa Travel & Safaris Inc.:

  • Outbound Africa Specialists: sales and head office located in Naples, Florida USA

Naples office is responsible for administration, Sales & Marketing on the North American Continent, Western Hemisphere, as well as for Europe.    

Serene Kenya Ltd.:

  • Regional Headquarter: Safaris Operator for Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia

Nairobi office is the operational hub and safaris operator for Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia.

As regional headquarters it is responsible for procurements, products as well as sales & marketing for the African Continent and the Eastern Hemisphere.

Serene Tours Tanzania Ltd.:

  • Tanzanian office: Safaris Operator for Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi and Zambia

Dar es Salaam is looking after safaris operations for Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia and Malawi, in addition to destinations development for Southern Africa.  

Consequently bringing new exciting safaris itineraries in the market, from the most remote untapped jungle to the African’s savannah!    

Serene Tours Zanzibar Ltd.:

  • Central reservations office: DMC Tour Operator for Zanzibar and Indian Ocean Destinations

Ha! Zanzibar… This is the reservations central for all the accommodation bookings, whether for safaris, beach holidays or groups are Zanzibar. Furthermore to coordinate Indian Ocean Islands Destinations, such as Pemba, Mafia, Mauritius and Seychelles…

But it is also where Serene Tours’ team converge to take a rest during the low season. And take the opportunity to review the past season, plan the one ahead and decides, on the “Go or no go” of new destinations and/or itineraries!

For more information, please, feel free to contact any of our branches through our contact form!



First of all welcome on our guests’ testimonials section, which is also our pride!

Testimonials? So, why don’t you take look!

Smiling faces and having contributed to lifetime memories is our reward!

In today’s world you will hear from almost about anything, from anyone and anywhere. You can chose to or not to buy a holiday, it will be influenced by advertisements to social media, there are many places you can select decide where to go on holiday, chose what type of safari and more importantly who will provide you with this safari!

Consequently, we remain convinced that a review is beneficial to everybody. Guests gets to know more about a destination, the safaris itineraries and the team who took care of their journey. Furthermore we also get to know what our guests think of us, maybe get new ideas or even understand which part of their safari was a highlight, what be a highlight for us might not be for our guests! As a result it is a journey, both, our guests and us are sharing, it is win win situation allowing us to give nothing but the best and our guests to leave with the time of their life and long lasting memories!

Finally we look forward you visiting our testimonials page, share our esteemed guests experience, chose a safaris destinations, get some ideas of an itinerary and therefore take this journey with us, Serene Tours! And soon you’ll be on your way to discover our Magical Africa, and hopefully we will find also your testimonial here too!

Say something about us!

You’ve just been on a safaris or beach holiday with us, please share your comments!


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Africa Travel Blog


Feel free to subscribe to Africa Travel Blog for the last gossips of the travel industry, as well as last minutes deals and specials!

In the programmers’ world “Hello World” has long been a tradition. The new programmer’s induction into a myriad of programming languages. Therefore it is a widespread practice of starting a blog with it! Brian Kernighan actually wrote the first “hello, world” in C Programming Language. His first referenced it in a tutorial introduction to the Programming Language B published in 1973.

Simply this to welcome you on board, we will discuss different categories, travel specials and travel Africa. The “Specials” will bring you any deals we can find, whether last minutes, specials on new properties, most of all anything which has a strong value for money factor. While the “Travel Africa” category will talk about  trends, new properties, coming up destinations, Do’s and Don’ts, well any tips and tricks about traveling in Africa!

Should there be any topics you want us to talk about, please, feel free to ask and we’ll start a new topic about it! Giving you the opportunity to talk and share it with others. Therefore you should not hesitate, take part blog with us!

Ultimately we also would want to discuss Travel Industry issues, whether private or public sector related. We are sure there is a lot to talk about, especially relevant to policies, destination management, sales & marketing, social media,  products and business development in the Travel Industry! Well anything you want!

As a result this blog and its different categories are yours, the more you interact and contribute to it!

Happy reading and happy blogging!

Consequently the Africa Travel Blog says “Hello World” and good luck to it!



First of all we would like to welcome you on our contact page, while it is not the only place where to contact us from, this page has another roles. In addition to find Serene Tours entities you will also know more about their functions. Furthermore, you will also find the contact details to the different websites links. In addition we also would like to draw your attention that you can contact us any times should you have any ideas of your Dream Holiday. Rather than to miss a perfect opportunity, regret it and maybe having to wait for many years more, contact us at any time of the day or the night! Consequently, we really look forward hearing from you and most of all, maybe, to have the opportunity to welcome you in our Africa!  

Maybe an idea of destination for your Journey to Africa?

Please visit our Africa and Indian Ocean pages!

Or you already know where you want to go!

No problem, then just take a look at our Itineraries! You will find there a few ideas of journey in Africa or on of the Indian Ocean’s islands. In addition should have any dream holiday you want to fulfill, please, feel free to contact us by simply filling up the contact form here below:

In addition would you like to know more about us?

East Africa, Southern Africa and Indian Ocean, first of all, the destinations are countless and are all stunningly beautiful, especially that there is a little something for everyone! From the Tropical Water of the Indian Ocean to opposite Sand Dunes of Namibia meeting the great Atlantic Ocean with diamonds rich filled water of Angola. While on the other side you have the more traditional and culturally rich safaris of Southern Africa. Hence, should you want to more about the most noteworthy relevant African Journeys, you can either visit our Itineraries page and / or contact us at:  

  • Serene Tours DMC Africa Travel & Safaris Inc.

250 Gabriel Cir # 9
Residence Sapphire Lakes
Naples FL, 34014 USA
+1 239 300 9582 Tel
+1 239 352 8777 Fax

Another Destination?

Kenya its safaris in the numerous National Parks, such as Amboseli and Maasaï Mara, also Lake Naivasha in addition to the great Rift Valley, maybe take a relaxing beach holiday in Mombasa and since, most likely, you will be transiting in Nairobi between flights, finally take a city tour of this hub of East Africa, you can either visit www.serene-kenya.com and / or contact us at:

  • Serene Kenya Ltd.

Daveson Court Ground Floor 2 Suite #2
Argwings Kodehk Close Hurlingham
P.O. Box 885-00200
KE-00200 Nairobi
+254 79 030 8260 Tel

Maybe not, so another Safaris Destination?

Tanzania, climbing the Kilimanjaro and see the great wildebeest migration in Serengeti, also take a picnic and maybe see the Rhinos in the Crater of Ngorongoro. Discover Selous, greatest game reserve of Africa, or visit the city of Mwanza on Great Lake Victoria shore, you can either visit www.serene-tours-tanzania.com and / or contact us at:

  • Serene Tours Tanzania Ltd.

Barabara Majoy Pugu Road
P.O. Box 
TZ – 11000 Dar es Salaam
+255 74 4131 248 Tel

And probably in addition to your Safaris also an extension to the Beach?

Zanzibar, its UNESCO World Site Heritage city of Stonetown and its disparate elements of the cultures of over more than a millennium, or simply rest on a pristine kilometers long white sand beach and turquoise tropical water of the Indian Ocean, you can either visit www.serene-tours-zanzibar.com and / or contact us at:  

  • Serene Tours Zanzibar Ltd.

Kenyatta Road 66 Shangani
P.O. Box 1616 Kijangwani
TZ – 71000 Stonetown
+255 24 223 4402 Tel
+255 24 223 4411 Fax

In addition to the above contact details you will find here below the relevant links to get in touch with us by 


General information: info@serene-tours.com
Reservations: reservations@serene-tours.com
Sales & Groups: sales@serene-tours.com
Administration: admin@serene-tours.com

Finally, Please, feel free to contact us at any times by either filling up the above contact form or by calling us and a Destination Consultant will revert to you in no time!