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East Africa, Southern Africa and Indian Ocean, first of all, the destinations are countless and are all stunningly beautiful, especially that there is a little something for everyone! From the Tropical Water of the Indian Ocean to opposite Sand Dunes of Namibia meeting the great Atlantic Ocean with diamonds rich filled water of Angola. While on the other side you have the more traditional and culturally rich safaris of Southern Africa. Hence, should you want to more about the most noteworthy relevant African Journeys, you can either visit our Itineraries page and / or contact us at:  

  • Serene Tours DMC Africa Travel & Safaris Inc.

250 Gabriel Cir # 9
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Kenya its safaris in the numerous National Parks, such as Amboseli and Maasaï Mara, also Lake Naivasha in addition to the great Rift Valley, maybe take a relaxing beach holiday in Mombasa and since, most likely, you will be transiting in Nairobi between flights, finally take a city tour of this hub of East Africa, you can either visit and / or contact us at:

  • Serene Kenya Ltd.

Daveson Court Ground Floor 2 Suite #2
Argwings Kodehk Close Hurlingham
P.O. Box 885-00200
KE-00200 Nairobi
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Tanzania, climbing the Kilimanjaro and see the great wildebeest migration in Serengeti, also take a picnic and maybe see the Rhinos in the Crater of Ngorongoro. Discover Selous, greatest game reserve of Africa, or visit the city of Mwanza on Great Lake Victoria shore, you can either visit and / or contact us at:

  • Serene Tours Tanzania Ltd.

Barabara Majoy Pugu Road
P.O. Box 
TZ – 11000 Dar es Salaam
+255 74 4131 248 Tel

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Zanzibar, its UNESCO World Site Heritage city of Stonetown and its disparate elements of the cultures of over more than a millennium, or simply rest on a pristine kilometers long white sand beach and turquoise tropical water of the Indian Ocean, you can either visit and / or contact us at:  

  • Serene Tours Zanzibar Ltd.

Kenyatta Road 66 Shangani
P.O. Box 1616 Kijangwani
TZ – 71000 Stonetown
+255 24 223 4402 Tel
+255 24 223 4411 Fax

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